Admission in Voice Training

  • As the entertainment industry is growing faster and stronger than ever and capturing markets linked with new technologies, voice-over and dubbing are still enduring as promising careers in their own right. The demand for dubbing/ voice over artists is growing day by day and they are required in most sectors of media, be it television, films, or even radio. These industries are on a hunt for people with confident and rich voices. Videogames, apps, GPs, text to speech, internet publishing, would give talents in this field the opportunity to stretch their vocal cords more often and see more opportunities to work on different projects.

    Dubbing / voice over is a narrative technique in which an unseen actor's lines are heard over visual elements. As a dubbing / voice over artist one could lend their voice to documentaries, programs or ad films in English, Hindi or any other language. Even though both voice over and dubbing artists are doing the same work there is a slight difference between them. Voice over is essentially the art of giving a commentary to an accompanying visual - stills, video or even advertisement. Voices over Artists are those who lend their voice to complement the visuals being telecasted on the screen. But dubbing is lending the voice in cinema, telefilms etc.

    No formal courses are available in dubbing field. But due to the boom in the field, several training institutes have come up with specialized certificate programs and workshops in voice over and dubbing. Voice modulation is the most important trick to master in dubbing field. Voice training courses teach aspirants the right diction and help them to correct any nasal twang. One can learn the procedures and theoretical skills from these programs. Most voice modulation programs last for one month to three months. One can also pursue course in radio jockeying as it is quite similar to this profession.

    Being a voice-over artist is similar to being an actor. It could be years before you get your big break. But once you do, the sky is the limit.

    The opening of new TV channels and with more and more English programmes being dubbed in various Indian Languages these days have opened up job avenues for voice over/ dubbing artists. Voice over artist can work on e-learning CDs, documentaries, TV/ radio/web programs and reports, advertising campaigns, presentations, animated serials, audio books and so on. Another opportunity is in the dubbing departments of film and television production houses. To increase viewer ship, they produce a particular program in almost all Indian regional languages. Commercials and documentaries are always open for talented voice over artists. Popular serials, infotainment programs and Hollywood films etc. being dubbed in Indian languages opens abundant opportunities in the dubbing field. We have tie-ups with many voice training institutes who can arrange admissions in voice training institutes across the country.

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