Admission in Photography

  • If you have passion for photography then this is a very good field with lot of scope. Most important is that he should have thorough knowledge of technology as well as creativity. A good knowledge of art, color, and lighting would help you a lot. He might already know lot many things about photography.A professional photographer can get job opportunities in advertising agencies, newspapers, fashion and design companies, news channels, industrial houses, government departments and magazines etc.

    Pictures are a powerful medium. They can inform, amuse, shock or amaze and if presented in the right manner, they can be beautiful and creative. Are you creative and imaginative? Then photography is the right profession for you. Sometimes back, the idea of being a professional photographer might not have appealed too many but today lots of people want to be photographers. The rise of mass communication and the growing importance of the media and fashion is probably a factor which has lead to this changeThere is a chance that you might be clicking pictures at the play school in your locality, but you could also be clicking photographs at the Cannes red carpet.

    We have tie-ups with many Journalism Photography institutes who can arrange admissions in Photography colleges across the country.

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