Admission in Design Fashion Jewellery

  • What happens when you put together the creative skills of a designer, the precision of a highly skilled artisan and knowledge of precious stones and metals? Can you guess the profession we are talking about? Here is another hint. Earlier this profession was confined to only a select few but highly skilled artisans and outsiders were not allowed to enter this business. What’s more, the end product enthralled the royalty and the commoners alike. They served various purposes: making items of personal embellishment, status symbols and indicators of the owner’s wealth and prosperity. You guessed it right. Yes, we are talking about jewelry designing.Jewelery designing, manufacturing and trading has been an integral part of the human society since five thousand years and more. And our country is no exception. In fact, our country is world renowned for its jewelry and jewelry designs since ancient times.

    Earlier a few select families ran the business of jewelry designing and jewelry making. Moreover, the technical knowledge associated with this trait was kept a closely guarded secret and passed on from generation to generation. However, all that has changed. The current boom experienced by this industry has commercialized this art and opened new boundaries for job seekers. Now-a-days jewelry designing as a career is flourishing like never before. This profession is not only rewarding but also available for anyone who has a creative bend of mind. People these days have become very image conscious and the want for jewelry is no more a symbol of financial security but a trendy fashionable wear that can go well with different occasions.

    Jewellery designing is a creative art that combines knowledge of conceptualizing jewelry design and then manufacturing various jewelry products. Many institutes in India offer long-term, short-term and even distance learning programs in jewelry designing. Jewelry design courses will impart knowledge about different types of stones, design themes, presentations, jewelry costing and jewelry making. Some of the courses use computer aided programs for designing jewelry and accessories. On the technical front, you get to learn the art of working with precious metals, alloys and the mathematics that goes into the manufacturing of flawless jewelry items.

    The boom in the gems and jewelry industry has brought innumerable employment opportunities for jewelry designers. After the successful completion of your course, you can easily find vacancies in this industry. You can also start your own freelance designing business or set up your own retail and trading unit.Jewelery designing is a growing sector of the Indian economy and it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country. Moreover, in India, people have become more conscious about the jewelry they wear, it’s no more a mere investment but a style statement and this has lead to a great demand for creative hands who can design jewelry for different moods and occasions.

    We have tie-ups with many fashion jewelry design institutes who can arrange admissions in fashion jewelry design institutes across the country.

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